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  • Confidence Monitor vs Teleprompter: Which One Is Best For You?

    For presenters and performers, live events can be both exciting and terrifying. That is why speakers often request a teleprompter or a confidence monitor to help them. If you are faced with the task of delivering a speech to a live audience, which one is better, a confidence monitor or a teleprompter? If you are […]

  • How Presidents Use Teleprompters?

    The Presidency of any country is aptly described as the most demanding job in the world. Zero in on the United States presidency, and you can easily multiply the difficulty a thousand times. Besides the gazillion issues, state visits, rubbing elbows with influential people, and whatnot, state presidents also deliver speeches every now and then. […]

  • How to Use a Teleprompter For Zoom

    With video conferencing tools becoming increasingly common, especially for companies with remote teams, giving impeccable presentations in Zoom is a must. How is that possible? Well, a teleprompter app will help! Using a teleprompter will give you a much-needed confidence boost from knowing that you’ll never forget what you’re supposed to say. On top of […]

  • The Meaning of Teleprompter

    Teleprompters have been game-changers in the video production industry since Hubert Schafly conceived the idea in 1948. Although its initial purpose was to replace cue cards in acting, the teleprompter became an important tool when speaking before a large audience, whether live or recorded on camera. And in this age of vlogging, reels, and TikToks, […]

  • Why Do Teleprompters Use Mirrors?

    A teleprompter, otherwise known as an autocue, is a device that displays words or text for the presenter to read. This way, the speaker doesn’t have to memorize loads of paragraphs and, therefore, can concentrate on engaging or connecting with the audience.  A teleprompter setup often involves a monitor and a reflective screen or glass […]

  • Best Teleprompters in 2022

    They say money can’t buy happiness, but it could damn well buy something close, like a really cool teleprompter needed for your video production projects. In the video production line of work, teleprompters are indispensable tools that take the content of your videos to the next level. Not only will you look good on camera, […]

  • How to Use iPhone or iPad as a Teleprompter

    With videos becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool and information medium, it would make sense for businesses and individuals to tread down that path. For businesses, it usually isn’t a problem since they probably have a budget set aside for marketing. For individuals, it might be a little challenging to get started. This article […]

  • Best Teleprompter Setup for Beginners: Tips on How to Use a Teleprompter

    Teleprompters are the unsung heroes of modern video production. Newscasters, sportscasters, vloggers, and social media influencers use a teleprompter so that they don’t look and sound dumb in front of the camera. Teleprompters are also very valuable for students trying to figure out how to make professional-looking video projects. Why is a teleprompter so valuable […]

  • How to Make the Best Home Recording Studio on a Budget

    Just because you’re hoping to build a home recording studio doesn’t make it less of a project. You must do your due diligence in research, reconnaissance, and planning. Nevertheless, after realizing all the work needed, you shouldn’t wimp out and leave with your tail between your legs. It takes time to carry out this task, […]

  • Real Estate Video Marketing: Best Teleprompter For Real Estate

    Video marketing helps any business or service create more leads and sales, especially in real estate. These videos work both ways: It enables the agents to explain information, and the viewers can get a sense of the home’s rooms, property layout, and neighborhood. To produce an impactful video that converts, several video production tools are […]