How to Use a Teleprompter For Zoom

With video conferencing tools becoming increasingly common, especially for companies with remote teams, giving impeccable presentations in Zoom is a must. How is that possible? Well, a teleprompter app will help! Using a teleprompter will give you a much-needed confidence boost from knowing that you’ll never forget what you’re supposed to say. On top of that, it will tremendously improve your delivery and help you connect to your audience better.

There are many ways you can use a teleprompter for Zoom, depending on your device. For this article, let’s say you’re using an iPad or a laptop for your Zoom meetings. How should you go about it? Before reading and finding the answer, let’s first learn why you need a teleprompter app for your Zoom meeting presentations.

Why Use a Teleprompter for Zoom

Teleprompters were invented as a tool for TV actors to replace cue cards. It was as primitive as you’d think back then before someone created the teleprompter setup– with the one-way mirrors and everything– that we know today. The effect was smoother speech delivery, and the actors were able to have a lot more eye contact.

But here’s the thing. Virtual presentations differ from acting with two or more people on the set. The ones you’re communicating with are not physically with you; they are on a computer screen somewhere else. The lack of human interaction in a virtual setup makes it a challenge to communicate effectively.

One element that should remain a constant when using Zoom is eye contact. It’s the most important signal of your readiness to interact with your audience in a virtual setting. But how can you maintain eye contact if the only lifeline you have is the notes on your phone that you must peek at every now and then? That’s where a teleprompter app comes in.

A teleprompter app may help you retain your presence and credibility while referencing your notes or scripts, much as actual teleprompters were crucial aids in delivering critical information. An iPad has a function that enables you to use multiple apps at once, so you can still join the Zoom meeting while displaying your notes on the screen. That way, you can read through the app and appear like you’re looking directly at the audience!

Needless to say, teleprompter apps are game-changers when it comes to virtual presentations.

Using a Teleprompter for Zoom With an iPad

If you’re using an iPad for your Zoom meetings, here’s a simple, four-step process that you can follow.

  1. Install the Teleprompter° app by MK App Solutions at the App Store.
  2. It would be best to position the teleprompter app on the Dock.
  3. Join or start a new Zoom meeting.
  4. If you still have not turned the Multiple App function on, now’s the time to do so. Find Home Screen and Dock in Settings and turn on Multiple Apps.
  5. Drag the bottom of the screen upwards to reveal the Dock. From there, drag the Teleprompter° app icon onto the screen and put it right next to the camera.
  6. You can now import the script to the app and continue the screen with your presentation.

The Teleprompter° app by MK App Solutions is so easy to use! You can control everything– the font size, pause/play, and the scrolling speed with a few clicks here and there. The Pro version even has more features. You may record your speech within the app, use another iPhone or iPad as a remote control, and even support mirroring for professional and DUI teleprompter setups.

Using a Teleprompter for Zoom With a Laptop

The process of using a teleprompter app for Zoom on a laptop is very similar to the iPad, with a few tips to boot. Of course, you first need to download the Zoom app and then a teleprompter app. The Teleprompter° app by MK App Solutions is only available for Mac and iOS, so if you’re using a windows PC, you have to look elsewhere. That shouldn’t be much of a problem, though, as you can find plenty of options.

Now, let’s say you have a Macbook and have already downloaded the Teleprompter° app by MK App Solutions. Here are the next things you should do:

  • Open the Teleprompter° app from the Dock or Finder. If the app is on Finder, you can find it in Applications. 
  • The app, as mentioned, is easy to use. The controls are intuitive, and you can import the script from any DOC, DOCX, or RTF file. Or, you can simply copy and paste the text in the provided box.
  • After getting the script ready, it’s just a matter of pushing the Play button in the app. You can control the scrolling speed using that yellow line that resembles volume controls. The “Aa” icon is where you adjust the text size.
  • The key here is positioning the app so that you may appear to look directly into the camera while reading your script or presentation. Position the app on top of Zoom right below the camera and ensure you raise the camera at eye level. This “technique” will make it even less obvious that you’re reading something slightly below the camera.
  • Be careful that nothing blocks the controls and ensure that everything is accessible.

Should I use an iPad or Laptop for Zoom?

It all depends on your preference. iPads are obviously handier, so they might be the better choice in some cases. However, if you’re working at home, laptops allow more control over the app. 

Another reason laptops are better for Zoom is that there are a lot of features that can be found only on a desktop app (Windows or Mac OS) that are not present on the mobile app. On the desktop app, you can start breakout rooms, create and launch polls, pause a shared screen, and more.

You’ll still be able to video conference freely whether you use the Zoom mobile or desktop version. The primary differences between the two are minor details. But if you’re hosting or need to share your screen, laptops are superior to iPads.

More Benefits of Using a Teleprompter App for Zoom Meetings and Presentations

You Can Speak Clearly and Naturally

Without a teleprompter app for Zoom, you tend to look down at your notes all the time and lose your audience momentarily. This increases your chances of using inappropriate remarks or stopping uncomfortably. When you read from a screen, you can keep your speech on pace while still communicating with your audience. Reading from the screen mimics the clear and natural way of communicating and interacting with people in the flesh.

Better Precision When It Comes to Wordings and Terminologies

Zoom is not just for brainstorming meetings. It may also be used in the budget and law industries where precision is of utmost priority. Reading from a teleprompter app rather than just remembering things on top of your head results in more accurate presentations. This is crucial, especially if your industry or topic requires precision.

You are Free to Focus on Appropriate Gestures and Other Forms on Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal forms of communication are elements that are mostly missing in Zoom meetings. But if you could somehow bring these elements into your presentation, these would result in a livelier and more engaging demo. Some examples of nonverbal forms of communication are facial expressions (smiling, frowning, etc.), gestures, and posture. If you’re confident that you’re in no danger of committing big mistakes in your presentation, all of these cues will naturally surface.

Better For Your Reputation

Not all of us are gifted speakers, but if your job description entails speaking in front of the entire team or department, you better bring your A-game. A teleprompter app will remove all the distractions, so you can concentrate on what you have to do. A fluent presentation with minimal mistakes lets others know that you take your job seriously, a sign of professionalism.

Saves Precious Time

While you don’t need to memorize all the words in a presentation, you’d still need to spend hours familiarizing everything. Not anymore with a teleprompter app! You will still need to practice and get used to the scroll speed, but it will definitely take less time. That time might be used to improve other parts of your performance.

Final Thoughts

The global pandemic in 2020 has changed how we do meetings. Up until this day, the whole world is still embracing the changes it brought, one of which is the frequency of video conferences using Zoom in particular. 

However, virtual presentations introduce a slew of new issues. For one, it generally distracts the audience, especially if the presenter frequently looks up and down the camera, glancing at his notes. For some reason, it’s a lesser problem in face-to-face meetings, but doing it online is another story. 

The simplest solution, really, is a teleprompter app. Choose one, such as the Teleprompter app by MK App solutions, and you’ll bring the difficulty down several notches. The app allows you to read your presentations while staring right into the camera, engaging the audience. 

Using the app will help you be more precise about the thoughts and words you’re presenting and also gives you confidence that what you want to convey is right there in front of you. Overall, using a teleprompter app for Zoom will make your presentations look more professional, which should bode well for your career prospects.

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