How to Use iPhone or iPad as a Teleprompter

With videos becoming increasingly popular as a marketing tool and information medium, it would make sense for businesses and individuals to tread down that path. For businesses, it usually isn’t a problem since they probably have a budget set aside for marketing. For individuals, it might be a little challenging to get started. This article will help aspiring vloggers, and video content creators make high-quality and informative videos just by using an iPhone or iPad as a teleprompter.

A teleprompter will help the speech go smoother and more engaging. It is better than cue cards or held-up notes because it is more discreet. Looking at notes and cue cards could possibly tune out the audience since they could see your eyes darting back and forth between the camera and the notes. But with a teleprompter, you can directly look at the camera while speaking to build more connection and intimacy with the audience.

But here’s the rub. As an aspiring vlogger and video content creator, you are probably popping the question right now: “How do I get started?” That’s a valid one because, after all, teleprompters may cost $100 to $150 at the very least, and a professional rig could go as high as $1,000!

Well, fret not. You can actually give presentations and create videos just by using an iPhone or an iPad as a teleprompter. If you didn’t know that a second ago, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. These gadgets can be turned into teleprompters with or without third-party software. Are you ready to learn how to do it? Let’s go!

Using Your iPhone and iPad as a Teleprompter

Here are the two main options for turning your iOS device into a teleprompter:

  1. Pages

Remember that we said you can use an iOs device as a teleprompter without having to install third-party software? That’s because of a handy, nifty app by Apple called Pages. “Pages” is usually bundled in with the iPhone or iPad and works pretty much like Microsoft Word but is more streamlined. 

Once you have launched the app, you’re ready to choose a template. There are several templates to choose from– posters, business cards, etc.– but just tap “Basic.” From there, you can create or upload your script. All you have to do is copy and paste your script from another document into the Pages app or type it in manually if that’s more your style. Once you have your script in the format you want, you can make any changes. To get the best script for your presentation, you can change the structure, remove parts, or add new ones, anything that would improve your production. This is when the magic is about to begin.

To use your iOS device as a teleprompter, you must activate “Presentation Mode.” You may do so by clicking the three-dot symbol at the top right corner of your screen. Selecting Presentation Mode transforms your iPad into a teleprompter. 

In most cases, the text should be big and white on a black background, but you can customize it to your liking. The letter “Aa” appears in the upper right corner of the display. You can adjust the text’s size, font, background color, auto-scroll, and other features with this button. The app will give you the option to scroll the script manually or automatically. Of course, since this will be your teleprompter, choose automatic scrolling, adjust the speed, and voila! There’s your makeshift teleprompter.

  1. Third-party apps or software

If, for some reason, you’re not feeling “Pages,” there are tons of options outside the Apple landscape. Some are web-based solutions, such as Cue Prompter and Speakflow, while others are apps you have to download. Some of the best teleprompter apps out there are Teleprompter by MK Apps, Teleprompter Pro, Power Prompter, and Teleprompter Premium. Most of these teleprompter apps have a free or paid version, but to access the best features, it’s always advisable to get the paid version.

Like “Pages,” these teleprompter solutions are very easy to use. For example, Cue Prompter has a simple web interface with basic functions that do not necessarily have a steep learning curve to master. You just access the website,, paste your script in the box, adjust settings, and click “Start New Prompter.” You may modify the scrolling speed from there according to your liking.

Now What?

As you can see, turning your iPhone or iPad into a teleprompter is not rocket science. But we have just covered the software part, which is only half of it. You need to make your own teleprompter hardware to go along with the software. There are also a couple of options that you can do.

One is to buy yourself a long iPhone or iPad stand. After securely fastening the iPhone or iPad to the stand, position it under the camera at the proper distance, and you are ready to shoot. Just be sure you can still see the text from the distance you’re sitting in.

The second is obtaining a functioning teleprompter system. There are autocue systems around $100 to $150, so if you can afford those, it’s a solid option. These already come with a complete set, including a holder for an iPhone or iPad. Of course, if budget is an issue, you may have to settle for a more affordable setup like the first one described.

Benefits of Knowing How to Use iPhone or iPad as a Teleprompter

If you already have a complete teleprompter rig, you probably think you don’t need to know this information. Well, we beg to differ. Even if you already own a teleprompter rig, this knowledge will still be helpful in case anything goes wrong. Turning an iPad into a teleprompter is a quick and simple solution if the teleprompter fails during a live broadcast or if there is any other technical difficulty.

That’s precisely the reason why you need to know how to use “Pages” and where you can find a basic, easy-to-use web-based teleprompter like Cue Prompter. They require almost no learning curve. 

Now that you’ve learned the ropes of using an iPad as a teleprompter be prepared to put your skills to the test and give it a try the next time you put on a broadcast. You will appreciate how easily your regular iPad can transform into a fantastic video production tool! After playing around with Pages’ additional features, you can also find some original ways to improve your presentations.

Helpful Tips for Reading off a Teleprompter

A teleprompter will make your video production life easier, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. Here are some valuable tips that you can use for reading from a teleprompter:

  • Find your scrolling speed. Everyone has different reading skills and levels of comfort. If you’re reading from a teleprompter, you’ll find that it may take some time to attain your ideal speed. If it’s too slow, you’ll be speaking too quickly, and if it’s too fast, you’ll be pausing in the middle of your sentence for it to catch up.
  • Keep your distance. Close-up shots are okay every once in a while, but the rule of thumb is to be three meters (10 feet) away from the teleprompter. If you get closer than that, it becomes more evident that you’re reading from an autocue from the eye movement. The quickest way to gauge the proper distance is to have a friend record you from different spots and then decide which looks more natural.
  • Relax. Some may find it terrifying to speak in front of a camera, but hey, what’s there to worry about? Just relax, loosen up, and use natural gestures and facial expressions as if you’re talking to a friend. We know it’s unnerving to sit in front of a camera and talk for five minutes straight, so just be yourself and slay it!
  • Drink Water. Drinking water in between gets rid of a dry mouth, and having a dry mouth is unpleasant. 
  • Practice. There is simply no substitute for practice. No matter how experienced you are in this field, you need to familiarize the script and be ready when the camera starts to toll. Now, if you’re just a newbie? All the reason for you to practice even harder! Knowing your script inside and out will help you read it with confidence when you’re on camera. Keep in mind that viewers can tell when someone isn’t comfortable with his lines.

Conclusion: How to Use iPhone or iPad as a Teleprompter

An iPhone or iPad is a powerful gadget that you can use for almost any technology-related task. It can be used as a teleprompter for video production using its native word-processing app Pages. You may also download teleprompter apps for iOS or, better yet, use a free online-based solution like Cue Prompter. No matter which direction you’re going with teleprompter software, using an iPhone or iPad as a teleprompter is an excellent option to get started.

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