What is a teleprompter and why you should use it


Teleprompter is a glass mirror that allows video producers to read a script while still being able to look at the camera. The teleprompter is mounted on a tripod and the glass reflects its contents onto the lens of the camera so that when filming, it appears as if the presenter is looking directly into your eyes. This makes it possible for people to deliver their lines in front of camera without having to memorize them beforehand or read from notes during filming while maintaining eye contact with the camera.

What is teleprompter? How does it work?

A teleprompter is a device that helps you read from a script. Older ones have their own screens and newer ones has a place to put your phone or tablet in it. It projects the script on a glass and you can see it in front of your camera. You can then read from that glass without having to look down or memorize your lines before hand this way you will look directly into the camera while reading the script.

Teleprompters are commonly used in TV shows, documentaries and other broadcasts where an actor needs to deliver prepared material while looking directly into the camera lens. The text scrolls at a steady pace, making it easy for the actors (or presenters) deliver their lines without missing any cues and keep on track with the plot of their presentation by looking at what is being brought up on-screen rather than trying to remember where they were up until that point.

Record professional video with a camera

If you have a teleprompter app on your iPhone or iPad and are using it to record professional video, here’s what you need to know:

  • Add your script to the app.
  • Place your iPhone or iPad into the teleprompter.
  • Use a remote control to control the teleprompter app.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to record professional video with reading from the script from the teleprompter!

Video is a powerful way to communicate so make sure you take advantage of all the tools available!

You can use it to record professional videos on your phone!

You can use it to record professional videos on your phone!

  • Download a teleprompter app, our top pick is Teleprompter.
  • Add your script to the app (you can type it yourself or copy-and-paste an existing script).
  • Record the video, using the teleprompter app while reading your script.

Best teleprompter app for iPhone, iPad and Mac

There are a lot of teleprompter apps available for iOS and Mac. Some offer more features and flexibility than others, but they all have their own pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown of the best ones on the market today:

  • Teleprompter゜ (Free): This app is packed with features like auto-scroll, full-screen mode and support for external monitors. With this option you can also customize your script format or import an existing file if needed. It is full of with features to help you remotely control the playback. We tested all the available mobile apps and this looks by far the best option! It is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac as well.
  • Elegant Teleprompter ($7): This app is commonly used on Android for a good reason. You can customize the playback screen with font size change and the width of the text. In addition it supports mirroring as well!


A teleprompter is an essential tool for anyone who wants to record professional videos. It’s a simple device that helps you read off of a script without having to look down at the text constantly, which makes it easier to deliver your message without sounding like an amateur! We hope this article has given you some insight into what exactly this product does and why it’s so great for anyone with an iPhone or iPad.

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